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Access to a wide range of health and wellbeing tools and services, letting employees take control of their health and letting them choose the services that they need, when they need them.

Core Services


Nurse-led telephone helpline for all issues

Mental Health

Resources available for when they are needed most


Online triage, guidance and resources


Online tool to track your body’s changes

Blood pressure

Online tool to track your BP

Diet & lifestyle

Resources to help stay on a healthy path


Online monitoring and guidance


Online children’s health record

Additional Services

Online GP

Video GP advice and guidance on demand

Cessation tools

Tools to help with addiction and other issues

Online physiotherapy

Video physio sessions on demand


Access to checks and scans as needed

Mental health

Additional services and resources when needed

Online prescriptions

Simple, cost-effective online service


Genetic and epigenetic profiling for managing health


Individual case management to get back to better health


Enhanced case management and additional diagnostics

Second Medical Opinion

Review of diagnosis and treatment plans

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Case Management

Nurse care management using the full reach of the NHS & private resources
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Patient Navigator is a portal and web app providing your employees with access to services that will guide them to staying healthy in mind and body.
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