Empowering your employees with access to services to stay healthy in mind and body

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Your health in your pocket

Patient Navigator is for employers who want to give their staff real choices and genuine self-management over their lifestyle, health and wellbeing; all in one place, easy to use, instantly available.

Turning health and employee support plans on their head, Patient Navigator offers access, choice and control to your employees at a price you can afford, with services your people need.

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For Groups

Rather than costly benefits that don’t add value or aren’t being used, you can offer your people access to services they need, choice of what works for them, and tools to take control of their health and wellbeing.

Services for Groups
  • Managing and tracking illness, lifestyle, diabetes, Covid-19 and physiotherapy, as well as other tools and trackers for BMI, cancer and genetic profiling
  • A valuable service for the many, not just the few
  • Reducing long term costs of absence
  • Delivering a tangible return on investment
  • Delivering meaningful MI about the whole workforce, over time

For Individuals

From a nurse-led helpline during illness, mental health support when it’s needed most, and a variety of services to manage healthier lifestyles, Patient Navigator puts people in control of their health and mental wellbeing, helping them to live better.

Services for Individuals
  • Health and wellbeing for everyone
  • Ensuring  health and lifestyle
    is at its peak
  • Using NHS and private services as required
  • Access to tools and trackers to manage health and wellbeing
  • All delivered in one place, when it's needed most
  • Choice of services that fit lifestyle and goals

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Patient Navigator is a portal and web app providing your employees with access to services that will guide them to staying healthy in mind and body.
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