Turning health and employee support plans on their head

The new way to provide employees with health and wellbeing benefits,
at a price that works.

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Why Patient Navigator?

Patient Navigator has been developed to meet the needs of employers who want to provide real, tangible help for employees, when they need it most. A healthy workforce is a productive workforce, ensuring people have access to guidance and support at the right time, in the right way, which is great for business, and great for people.

Company health benefits have focussed on health insurance for too long, and often only provided for some of the employees. Now there is a chance to give access to genuinely valuable health and wellbeing services to everyone, at a cost that can be afforded, with benefits that are current, instant and measurable.

Productivity gains, morale boosts, better health; using real people, delivered through leading technology, across the whole workforce.

Priced for all

Allowing companies to benefit the many, not just the few

Relevant and current

Providing services that people want, as their lives change

The human touch

Nurse-led support means real people deal with real issues

Leading technology

Using technology to make it easier to access the services people need

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Customer Journey

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Patient Navigator is a portal and web app providing your employees with access to services that will guide them to staying healthy in mind and body.
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